Saturday, June 5, 2010

No new mosque near ground zero!

Building a mosque near ground zero (and as a consequence of 9/11) reflects the wisdom of Montezuma when he sent gold to the conquistadors in an effort to make them go away.

Am I the only one that sees this sends the message of, "Want to proliferate islam? Maybe you can get things rolling with some preliminary demolition work."

What? I'm being extremist? I'm being xenophobic? I'm being a bigot and intolerant? BULSHIT. Every muslim extremist and nearly all moderate non-American muslims will interpret (and laud) the building of a mosque near ground zero as a justification for and victory brought about by the 9/11 attack. "At least something good came out of it. It must have been allah's will."

It doesn't matter how non-muslim Americans view this. It doesn't matter that this may display an ostensible warmth to muslim Americans. It doesn't matter that this could be a symbol to show we can all be friends. What does matter is that this action rewards the faithful for biting us. And apparently we are so worried about the feelings of the few faithful who haven't bitten us that we can't see the scope of our magnanimity.

And it will be there forever. I like the Haghia Sophia as much as the next secular human. But as a society that pretends to value education, the rule of law and a better tomorrow how can we be so desperate to anchor ourselves to the dark ages? Maybe they could build a sharia courthouse? Oh wait, that would be seditious to American law. We better get some more mosques built first.

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