Friday, August 6, 2010

Does atheism need a popular quote, a la John3:16?

Among those who lack belief in gods there is a movement for secular politics and civility. There is a movement skepticism. There is a movement to mitigate the influence of ideologies that lack objective support. There is a movement to free people, as individuals and in general, from the lies of charlatans and mystics.

But among those who lack belief in gods there is no pervasive dogma. There is no common doctrine. Even among those who rally, fuel and advance the movement there are no central treatises or tenets. Atheism does not value ideology. Atheism may be subjective or objective, passive or active.

Atheists do not require a verse or quote. Atheists need only know that the empty testimonies and scriptures offered do not merit belief. It is only by unqualified belief that such reveries may be accepted. It is only by a lack of discretion that phantoms may be thought tangible.

It is only by faith that we may be fooled.

If we adopt a quote, a secret handshake, a coat of arms… we become something more than skeptics. It may be out of necessity that we organize to push back against anti-secularists, liars and child abusers. But let us not forget we bind together because the spiritualists are wrestling for the reins.

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