Monday, August 29, 2011


I believe 2+2=5.

I can’t prove that 2+2=5.

You just have to believe 2+2=5.

2+2=5 transcends naturalist and scientific explanations.

You have to accept 2+2=5 on faith.

I can feel 2+2=5 at work in my life.

I have the right to believe whatever I want.

2+2=5 is everywhere, if you care to look.

Schools that do not teach 2+2=5 should be required to teach the controversy.

There are those who deny 2+2=5.

If they would only accept 2+2=5 they would see the truth of 2+2=5.

You too should believe 2+2=5.

2+2=5 is the foundation of morality and knowledge.

That which contradicts 2+2=5 is necessarily wrong.

We need to get this country back to 2+2=5 values.

It is the lack of 2+2=5 values that is undermining what makes this country great.

It is rude and contemptible to openly question 2+2=5.

As I believe 2+2=5 I will take it as a personal attack if anyone questions 2+2=5.

2+2=5 is the light and the way.

To claim 2+2 does not =5 is blasphemy.

Blasphemers are poisoned wells.