Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Creationism apologetics are so weak.

Before you try to tell someone that Judaeo-christian Creation and sin are real and that evolution is not, here are some holes in your myth you're going to need to fix first.

First of all, free will is, at best, not absolute.  Evidence and logic suggest that it is mostly, if not entirely, an illusion.  So please don't insult us by trying to justify evil and sin with "free will" arguments.

Second, anything that you create you are responsible for.  Why do you want to claim this doesn't apply to god?

Third, if this god were omniscient and omnipotent then there is no way he could have made a creation that would defy his will unless he was trying to make a creation that would defy him... which according to "the word of god" he did.

Fourth, the people who created and revised this myth were Bronze Age superstitious nearly-illiterate polytheists. (The subset of priests who prioritized YHWH, took power and edited out most references to Baal, Ashira and the other gods.)  The priests were trying to make the point that YHWH is good, man is bad, we owe it to YHWH to be good (because he made us bad) and that the priesthood has the best answers for making YHWH happy.  Have you donated yet?

Fifth, a scientific theory is an explanation, not a guess.  Just like you have a theory about water coming out of the tap when you turn the knob, scientific theories are always contingent on the possibility of new information... like if you found out your water had been shut off.  Scientific theories are not the truth, they are an approximation of the truth based on the best available evidence.  Whereas Creationism is an explanation based on a book written by superstitious priests with an agenda.

Sixth, evolution doesn't care whether there's a god. Evolution either happened (and is happening) or it didn't.  But when we look at all credible evidence, evolution is obviously real.  Evolution doesn't disprove the existence of gods, it just doesn't require any gods.  It does, however, indicate that modern forms are not the original forms (which contradicts the Genesis story written by superstitious ancients who didn't know any better).  It escapes me why anyone would think that ancient Israelites, who would have been baffled by simple card tricks, would have a better understanding of the world's origin than modern man.

Seventh, you obviously don't give equal consideration to every creation myth, just the the Judaeo-christian one.  What makes you think that every other civilization that thought they had the truth of god(s) was wrong except for this bunch of backwards-ass goat herders at the east end of the Mediterranean?   Out of all the idiots in the ancient world, you're betting that these are the ones that got it right?  You're basing your whole world view on that.  And you want other people to believe the same thing?  Why?

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