Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Political Correctness is well-meaning but wrong

Political correctness is about controlling what can be said in order to control the oppressed/oppressor narrative. It is not the way into a better world. 

If we seek a world of equality, telling people what they are not allowed to say and what they must say instead is not the way to do it. But it's easier to be outraged by someone's words than to actually do something positive. So there is a whole movement of people who probably think they are working for positive change by claiming segments of the population are victims and therefore unassailable heroes, that their traditional oppressors are villains and generally sewing dissent. While there is some truth in these ideas they are far far far from the whole story. 

The loudest proponents of political correctness look like liberals and generally support liberal/progressive ideals except for one: Free Speech. 

When I remember the "I have a dream" speech I can't help but think MLK would be appalled, if not disgusted, by the direction and methods of current civil rights activists. 

What is the endgame of political correctness? Because it looks to me like it is the perfect tool for fomenting strife.

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